edgedirector geodns global load balancing demonstration

This page is a simple demonstration of the geo-ip and global load balancing capabilities of the edgedirector geodns platform.

test results for where.dnsmasq.com

server name         where.dnsmasq.com
server address
client address
internet registry   ARIN
request time        Fri Nov 15 08:09:35 UTC 2019

ip address coverage assignments for where.dnsmasq.com

AFRINIC     Africa
APNIC     Asia-Pacific
ARIN     North America
LACNIC     Latin America
RIPE     Europe


The 7 ip addresses assigned to the host name where.dnsmasq.com represent 7 servers spanning the globe. For this simulation they are sequential because they are all on the same physical server.

The ip address that is returned to your isp dns cache for where.dnsmasq.com will depend on the location of the dns server. If you use machines scattered around the globe you should see that the ip address varies as you move around the globe. Although this test only uses the 6 highest level address delegating authorities, the control panel offers you many more options to choose from.

You can also try geo.dnsmasq.com a CNAME pointed at where.dnsmasq.com

a complex global test

just-ping.com pings hosts from approximately 50 global test points. When you run the tests below, the important data to note are the city and ip address columns. The ping times are irrelevant because the addresses all point at this server. Nevertheless, it will show you how well edgedirector is able to point different users at different data centers.

The following is a test against a small number of addresses that shows how network latency can be reduced with even a few servers spread around the globe.
technical information: user manual
application notes
sample configurations: failover only
load balance only
load balance with failover



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